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Redondo Beach’s Shade Hotel Finishes Construction

Redondo Beach's Shade Hotel Finishes Construction

This amazing hotel sits right on the shore’s edge and is placed between the bicycle strand and marina.  The long awaited Shade hotel, a luxury boutique hotel, completed its construction in early 2017. Developed by owner and restauranteur, Michael Zislis, Shade Hotels have opened their second location woven into the beach communities. The hotel sits right

Legoland Construction: The Castle Hotel

Legoland Construction: The Castle Hotel

If you played with LEGOs as a kid or even play with them now, a LEGO hotel sounds like the perfect resort for you to stay. Legoland’s first onsite hotel has been so successful that it has already started on a second one, complete with castle towers, and knight- and wizard- and princess-themed rooms and a lobby

Projects on Which Lobbyists Are Spending the Most Money

Projects on Which Lobbyists Are Spending the Most Money

From the Palladium Towers to soccer stadiums, these are the projects that are weighing down the pockets of lobbyists.  Lobbyists have enjoyed yet another year as a new report from the Los Angeles Ethics Commission shows that more than 400 lobbyists and lobbying firms registered with the city have brought in more than $13.5 million–and

Bonnis Properties Purchases Foreman & Clark Building in L.A. for $52M

Bonnis Properties Purchases Foreman & Clark Building in L.A. for $52M

The historic Foreman & Clark at 7th and Hill was just sold for $52 million to a developer from Vancouver. A new Canadian player is coming to town. Bonnis Properties, a Vancouver-based company, has completed the acquisition of the historic Foreman & Clark building at 7th and Hill in Los Angeles for a mind-boggling $52

Tech Industry Bolsters Booming Construction In Silicon Valley

Millennials Lead The Charge For More Housing It is no surprise that Silicon Valley is booming. The tech industry is only getting more and more lucrative and large, drawing an increasing number of people—particularly Millennials—to Silicon Valley, where tech giants like Apple and Google are offering high-paying jobs with full benefits that stretch beyond the

Is The Multifamily Industry in a Real Estate Bubble?

Multi-Family Real Estate Bubble

Many people are worried that the multifamily real estate market may be heading towards a bubble. A bubble is an economic term that refers to the price of a commodity being inflated due to increased demand, rather than increased financial performance. Currently, the multifamily real estate industry is relying on major markets for development activity.

The State of the Southern California Housing Market

The year 2013 was a year of excellence for the southern California housing market. While there was a slight dip in November of 2013, the overall state of affairs was positive, ending on a high note that included a slight increase over previous month’s sales for December. According to the National Association of Realtors, distressed

Commercial Real Estate and Lending Conference

This year’s Commercial Real Estate and Lending Conference is almost here. This spring you will have a chance to learn from the pros and network with others who are also looking to expand their commercial real estate business. On April 10, 2014 commercial real estate professionals will gather at The Westin Long Beach for this

Parkwest General Contractors One of Hotel Management Magazines 2013’s Top Construction Companies

Parkwest General Contractors, Hotel Management 2013 Top Construction Companies

In a world in which customer service comes as more of a surprise than an expectation, where people steel themselves against disappointment by not expecting too much from their contractor, Parkwest General Contractors is turning heads.  Parkwest has been named one of the Top Construction Companies of 2013 by Hotel Management Magazine for their work in the

Selling Commercial Real Estate? What you Need to Know About Energy Consumption

If you’re an agent trying to sell commercial real estate, you’re looking for every advantage you can find. Not only are you trying to sell a property in a difficult market, you’re trying to make a profit as well. One way you can turn over difficult properties is by being smart about energy consumption and