5 Ways to Create Warm Outdoor Spaces

Winter is here, the weather is cold and going out without wearing a sweater or coat may be detrimental to your health. Hoteliers can design outdoor spaces to transform it into ideal spots for warm and cozy hangouts for guests.

Here are some ways to design such warm and cozy outdoor spaces:

  1. Furniture and fixtures

First off, you need to put furniture in place to design warm outdoor spaces; however, it is advisable to ensure that they are made with waterproof and dew-resistant fabrics like certain polyester blends. Shelter is a must during winter, and you can choose from the various types of fixtures, including awnings, umbrellas, and tents. You may even build a cabana in your outdoor space and furnish it with sofas, pillows, and blankets for warmth. Heavy fixtures are ideal during winter to avoid them being blown away when it becomes windy.

  1. Lights

Winter is usually accompanied by darkness due to lack of sunlight; hence, it is advisable to hang up artificial lights in your hotel’s outdoor spaces to create a bright and summery feeling. Table or bedside lamps, sconces, and lights hanging from the ceiling are some of the lighting choices available and at your disposal for indoor; while, you may opt for colorful string lights or lanterns for your outdoor spaces. You may also opt for decorative lights to make bushes and other greenery colorful.

  1. Heat

Fireplaces are essential during winter to avoid critical health conditions like respiratory diseases. If you will be using your outdoor spaces, it is advisable to set up a fireplace to stay warm and healthy.  Some may build a replica of indoor fireplaces in an open space. In contrast, others prefer concrete fire pits, which are typical for outdoor heat because they are versatile and usually lightweight, making them easy to incorporate into your design.

  1. Hot tubs

Out of all the seasons, wintertime makes outdoor hot tubs more attractive to guests because it enables them to enjoy their outdoor time while staying warm. Sipping wine under artificial lights and in a hot tub seems like the perfect way to relax and wind down after a stressful day.

  1. Windbreaks

Evergreen plants serve as protective windbreaks for your outdoor spaces during winter because it maintains its color and beauty. If planted at a distance from your hotel wall (a minimum of one ft) usually towards the north or northwest side, evergreens serve as effective windbreaks for your outdoor set-up because it helps protect against the harsh effects of the wind on your building.

They also block the sound of wind, and planting low evergreen shrubs at the windward side of your hotel may stop the winds from drifting inside. Windbreaks are useful all year long as it also helps to cool the temperature during hot weather.


These are a few ways in which you can keep warm while outdoors during winter.Contact Nikki Fox, Nikki@ParkwestGC.com, at Parkwest General Contractors to learn more about cutting hotel costs and maximizing guest satisfaction.

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