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Safety considerations for hotel rooftop bars.

Recently, rooftop bars have become the new “it” feature for high-rise hotels across the globe.  However, when mixing alcohol and heights, there are some obvious safety concerns.  So, how can rooftops bars be a safe space for guests to relax and imbibe?  Here are some of the safety features that your bar should employ.

  • Railings

The whole appeal of a rooftop bar is the ability to enjoy the surrounding views.  This is why hotels need to be creative when it comes to installing protective barriers around the bar area.  While standard metal railings might provide unobstructed views, these barriers are not tall or substantial enough to protect guests from wind or prevent someone from accidentally falling over them.  A better option is barriers made out of thick, protective glass panels.  These panels should be tall enough to block the wind and prevent guests from climbing over.  Additionally, the barrier should go all the way to the ground, ensuring that glasses or other barware do not fall on unsuspecting people down below.

  • Heating

Because rooftop bars are open to the elements and prone to wind chill, designers should think of safe ways to incorporate heat sources for patrons.  For instance, fire pits surrounded by double-paned, insulated glass are an aesthetic way to provide warmth while simultaneously protecting customers from accidental burns.  Additionally, insulated health lamps with protected heat shields are another great way to warm guests without risk of accidental injuries or fires.

  • Security

Finally, once the bar is open for business, it’s important that you have adequate security measures in place.  For starters, access to the bar should be limited to customers that are 21 and older.  Security officers should be located at the bar elevator entrance and at the entrance of the bar to verify that guests are of legal age.  Additionally, security personnel should be positioned throughout the bar to ensure that guests do not become too inebriated and potentially put themselves or others at risk for harm.

These are some important safety considerations for your hotel rooftop bar.  Need help creating a memorable and safe bar for your hotel property?  If so, then contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at Nikki@ParkwestGC.com.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your building upgrade and construction needs today.