Luxurious Hotel Bedroom

When it comes to hotel ambiance, travelers have various preferences. Some are drawn to boutique and unique, with atypical décor – something cool and Instagrammable. Others prefer over-the-top luxury with soaring opulently patterned ceilings, marble moldings, and stunning tiles. Some prefer budget – but budget hotels don’t have to be unappealing. All hotels, however, must be functional. This means comfortable, sizable, and clean bed and lighting systems that you can operate intuitively. Here’s some more information on this topic.

Hotel Decor Tips by Designers

  1.  Lobbies Transformed to Multi-Use Spaces

Social encounters are largely dependent on your lobby. If you target business travelers, your lobby should provide a space for both formal and casual talk, plugging in devices, and working on laptops. This means creative segmentation is essential. You should create spaces that are intimate and allow for social distancing, as well as provide functional and comfortable furniture. If you’re going for more deluxe entrance features, you can include multimedia stations, large green walls, large chandeliers, and indoor waterfalls.

  1.  Rethink the Set-Up of Your Guestrooms

Today’s hotel guests want to experience distinctive accommodation. This means creative office spaces for business travelers, striking TV panels, and a comfy sofa next to the bed. Moreover, you can also add eclectic décor mixes and color explosions.

  1.  Spa-Like Bathrooms

Today’s travelers expect more than what they get at home. A bathroom that comes with spa-like features helps your guests relax, and it’s a fantastic way of drawing in customers with a promise of luxury.

  1.  Your Restaurant Is a Destination

The cuisine is an art that requires a fitting ‘exhibition space’. You can transform the restaurant in your hotel into a memorable space through design and décor. Adopting a given theme for your restaurant is highly recommended by designers. By creatively adding décor that aligns with your theme, you can transform your restaurant into a ‘destination.’

  1.  Merging the Indoor with the Outdoor

Sensory experiences can help your hotel guests relax and relish their stay. If possible, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors into the indoors by expanding your hotel rooms through large terraces and decks. You can also include natural elements like stone decorations, wood paneling, indoor waterfalls, and lush greenery in your interior design.

  1.  Incorporate Local Art

By including local art in your design scheme, you can improve your guests’ understanding of your locale and create a unique and genuine experience. From photography to small sculptures to large installations, integrating art into your design can help you create a unique and memorable space.

  1. Include More Texture and Color

Creating an ambiance that your guests can feel and be lost in can lead to memorable experiences, ones that they’ll likely want to repeat. You can create a soothing and joyful atmosphere by adding bright colors to liven your spaces.

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