The Rise of Pet-Friendly Hotels

You may think it’s a bit strange (because it is), but a hotel in Vienna arranges for dogs to go to the opera without their owners.

Park Hyatt Vienna now allows check-in with their cats or dogs and aims to be as pet-friendly as possible. If a guest wants a night out in the Austrian capital without their dog but doesn’t want the dog to get lonely on its own in the hotel room, staff can step in and take care of your dog by treating it to canine-friendly activities. Some hotels have even arranged with operas to allow dogs to be a guest and see operas that are being performed. So if Spot is a fan of The Marriage of Figaro (and if Figaro allows for it), you can purchase a ticket for him, and he will be allowed in the theater.

Not all pet-friendly hotels go to the extreme lengths of the Hyatt Vienna goes, but their pet-friendly services are a sign of the big growth in recent years in the number of hotels that allow people to bring their furry friends.

Many hotel analysts have witnessed a huge increase in the demand for pet-friendly hotels as more and more guests want to travel with their animals. Hotel.com says that a quarter of the 325,000 hotels it lists around the world allow people to check in with pets!

The staff also enjoys having them around. Everyone loves walking well-trained dogs, and being paid to walk one of the new guests can put a smile on anyone’s face.

There may be new sections in the hotel that you need to build so that dogs can do their business if your hotel is in a metropolitan area. Be a part of the growth! Renovate your property with hospitality construction services from Parkwest General Contractors. Contact us to build your business.


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