An Update on Disneyland’s New Star Wars-Themed Land

Learn more about how Disney’s Star Wars-themed attractions are progressing.

Star Wars enthusiasts of all ages were excited when Disney announced that they would be unveiling a new Star Wars-themed land in 2019. The new land, named Galaxy’s Edge, is set to open in the summer of 2019 at Disneyland and in late fall of 2019 at Disney World. While there are no set dates, past summer park openings indicate that the Disneyland attraction will open sometime in late June.

Construction is moving quickly. While the project was only announced this May, familiar rocky spires and futuristic domes are already starting to appear behind Disneyland’s Critter Country. Upon its completion, Galaxy’s Edge will feature the following attractions:

  • A trading outpost
  • An attraction allowing visitors to pilot the Millennium Falcon
  • An attraction placing riders in the midst of a space battle

During this major construction project, changes have been taking place all over the park. The lines for Dumbo the Flying Elephant and It’s a Small Work have both been shifted to improve traffic surrounding the attractions. Similar changes have been made throughout Adventureland to further facilitate ease of movement.

For a more updated view of the progress made on Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, check out this video.

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