Project Superintendent Updated January 2022

The job description of Project Superintendent varies by the nature of the project and can be modified as determined by Parkwest General Contractors management. The Project Superintendent is expected to meet at a minimum the Duties and responsibilities listed below.

Hotel Experience preferred

Reports to: Project Manager(s)

Position: Full Time

Location: Assigned Job sites / Parkwest office

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend project meetings as needed / requested.
  • Work closely with project architect or engineer.
  • Prepare / update project schedules as directed by PM:
    • Prepare the work schedule from start to finish (Overview).
    • Set start and stop times of job and subcontractors.
    • Superintendents must plan work schedules so that conflicts do not occur.
    • Must maintain a look ahead schedule and detailed with scope of work to be performed.
  • Coordinate the activities of a variety of tradespeople, Subcontractors, professionals and laborers:
    • They are typically responsible for communicating site rules regarding safety procedures.
    • Preside over weekly subcontractor meetings designed to coordinate the work.
  • Track inventory of supplies and materials to guard against loss.
  • Maintain records of material and labor costs ordered and delivered to meet schedule.
  • The superintendent normally acts as the contact person for the General Contractor.
  • The superintendent is required to inspect work performed by employees, other contractors and sub-contractors to assure quality workmanship and that it meets specifications as indicted on the plans.
  • The superintendent must also complete daily log sheets to document daily activities, both written and photographed.
  • The Superintendent in some cases:
    • Request Sub COs (Change Orders).
    • Work with PM to prepare OCOs (Owner Change Orders).
    • Assist in maintaining Change order logs.
    • Work with PM to prepare RFIs.
    • Assist in maintaining RFI logs.
  • Maintain an orderly and clean job site
  • Work Hands-On as needed to keep job moving.
  • Conduct weekly tailgate safety meetings.

The Project Superintendent does not have authorization to engage in monetary agreements (subcontracts, change orders, work authorizations). All request for monetary agreements must be communicated to the Project Manager for consideration prior to work performed. Failure to perform these duties will result in reprimand or termination.

Project Superintendent is the face of Parkwest General Contractors and is expected to conduct themselves is a professional and respectful manner with clients and their respective, coworkers, suppliers and subcontractors. Superintendent must communicate effectively with all parties involved with the project and must wear construction appropriate attire.


Resumes can be emailed to: brittanyh@parkwestgc.com.

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