Have you ever stayed at one of the many Cambria Suites locations? Well, if so, expect big changes coming your way. Cambria Suites will be undergoing an invasive identity change. By focusing on what Cambria guests’ desire, Choice Hotels intends to revamp the entire position, visual identity, and basic elements of their Cambria Suites.

By focusing on the millennial generation, Cambria Suites has decided to offer a more flexible, humane, and warm approach to reach the most demanding generation’s deepest needs. The first big change will be evident in the new Cambria Suites logo and color palette. Per the desires of sampled guests, Cambria Suites intends to offer options and choices at every corner of their hotel stay.

Most anticipated is Cambria Suites’ addition of technology enhancements, as well as vanity space and a new spacious layout in each room. Cambria Suites is not only listening to your suggestions, but making them happen. During the year of 2014, Cambria Suites strives to have at least 23 Cambria Hotels & Suites open with another 30 in the construction process. Be sure to visit one of the newly remodeled locations and check out all the upgrades for yourself!

Contact Ed LaCivita or Craig Sullivan at Parkwest General Contractors if you need help making sure your hotel is safe in the Western U.S.

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