It is imperative to hire a licensed general contractor if you are planning a new construction or renovation project. This is especially important for commercial real estate and hospitality projects.

In California, every contractor that offers services for a project that exceeds five hundred dollars must have a current state license and meet other insurance and liability requirements. A general contractor license allows the contractor to perform structural work related to building or remodeling through framing and carpentry activities as long as two non-structural specialties are involved in the project.

There are over forty specialty areas that require licensing in California. The licensure list includes HVAC (heating and electrical work), General Electrical, Ceiling Systems and Swimming Pools—just to name a few. General contractors that offer turn-key project services often hire sub-contractors with specialty licenses to complete specific components beyond the framing and building tasks.

If you have a new-build hospitality project or commercial real estate investment property renovation on the horizon, consider Parkwest General Contractors. Parkwest is fully licensed and provides a team of highly skilled managers and professional tradesmen to ensure your job is completed on budget and on schedule.

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