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Summer is synonymous with vacations. With schools and colleges closed, it is the ideal time to visit the tourist place that has been on everyone’s mind. For most hotels, summer translates to peak season. A considerable portion of the annual revenue comes during this time. The competition in the hotel industry is high – and so are the rewards. What can you do to guarantee that your hotel does its best?

Here are a few tips for creating a summer plan for your hotel.

Think Quick

Guests are looking for a getaway – whether that means somewhere only two hours away from home or across the country. Experts suggest that staycations will become the new norm, which is why general contractors need to adapt quickly to keep up. Think about getting supplies to make this happen, such as new signage, tents to distance the crowds, sanitizing stations, touchless faucets, and voice activated controls.

Perform Renovations and Repairs

No one wants to stay in a rundown hotel over the summer. The first step to attracting more customers is to make your hotel look its best. If you need to make certain additions to the existing infrastructure to create an organized hotel, you should take immediate action.

Enhance Your Poolside Experience

Most of your customers will be spending a considerable amount of their time by the pool. Make this area look its best. The pool is also a hidden revenue treasure chest. Offer refreshing summer drinks for both adults and children and plenty of poolside fun activities for all your guests. These activities will attract more guests to the pool and your hotel.

Up Your Additional Offerings Game

Hotel room charges and dining charges are not the only ways to get revenue. A spa in the hotel, poolside massages, gift shop that offers summer essentials, sight-seeing packages, and chauffeured vehicles are other ways to add to your revenue.

Increase Your Online Presence

Ensure that your hotel is on every aggregator site. In addition to this, you need to enter social media and use it to the maximum. Social media offers more visibility and, therefore, attracts more customers.

These tips will help you bring your hotel’s vision to life this summer. Need to add a pool, or are there some renovations that are part of your hotel summer plan? Contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at With years of experience and talented crew, we will help you with all your building renovation and upgrade needs.

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