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How to get your hotel property looking fresh and clean this spring.

With the gloom of winter finally fading away, it’s time for hotel owners to start thinking about breathing new life into their properties.  When it comes to cleaning and revamping your hotel for the spring travel season, no detail is too small.  To ensure that your spring cleaning and property refresh earn positive reviews from guests, here are some of the areas you should focus on.

  • Clean or Hang New Drapes

After a long winter, the drapes hanging in your hotel’s guestrooms and public spaces have likely accumulated a heavy layer of dust.  Not only does this pose a problem for guests with allergies, but it also makes your property appear unkempt, drab, and dated.  While you can always send your drapes off to the cleaners, now is a good time to think about completely redoing your property’s window coverings.  Hanging new, thinner drapes can let in more natural light and create a fresher look for your hotel.  Alternatively, switching over to more modern window coverings, such a decorative blinds or screens, is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to give your hotel a facelift this spring.

  • Care for Lighting Fixtures

Because most hotel lighting fixtures are high and out of guests’ immediate eye line, they tend to be neglected.  However, as dust, cobwebs, and dead bugs build-up on and inside your fixtures, they can become a major eyesore.  This spring, you should have your property’s lighting fixtures professionally cleaned to improve their appearance and the quality of light that they produce.  While this cleaning task may seem insignificant, having sparking chandeliers and dust-free lighting elements is a subtle way of making your hotel seem brighter and cleaner this spring.

  • Update Guest Bathrooms

Before your spring booking boom begins, you should consider renovating your property’s guest bathrooms.  While this sounds like a massive undertaking, it doesn’t have to be.  Simply changing out dingy shower curtains, replacing old showerheads, and repainting cabinetry is an easy way to give your hotel’s bathrooms a completely new look.  Additionally, carefully deep cleaning tubs, toilets, and bathroom floors will make guests feel like they have booked at a beautifully-kempt, immaculate hotel property.

These are some of the areas that you should focus on when spring cleaning your hotel.  Are you looking for an experienced contractor to help you refresh your property this spring?  Then contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your building upgrade needs today.


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