Combat Noise Pollution to Help Guests Get a Better Rest

Help your guests get the peace and quiet they deserve.

Noise complaints can be the undoing of any hotel. This is why properties need to find smart ways to combat noise pollution from a myriad of interior and exterior sources. According to Niklas Moeller, a developer and manufacturer of sound-masking technology, the key to noise control is not achieving total silence, but creating quiet. Quiet spaces may have noise, but they are not unwanted sounds. They are filled with ambient noise, akin to the sound of crashing waves at the beach.

In Moeller’s opinion, it is actually insufficient background noise that causes noise pollution problems. “That insufficiency means that the guest hears absolutely everything that goes on in neighboring rooms and corridors, and even within the room itself.”

Moeller notes that traditional approaches to noise control, such as blocking it with thicker doors and walls and absorbing it with soft furniture and carpeting, remain essential. However, they are not always enough. This is why Moeller and his company developed its MODIO technology. MODIO is guest-controlled and it creates a “comfortable, constant ambient background sound that most people compare to airflow [which] makes it possible to remove intermittent noises from guests’ perception.” Moeller notes that the guest reception for MODIO has been extremely positive, “They feel it works well, and perceive it as an amenity. It also shows a proactive approach to dealing with noise in that the hotel is addressing it before it becomes a problem.”

Inspired by MODIO technology and wish to make other updates to your property to improve your guests’ experiences? Then you might need to make physical updates to your building. Turn to the experts at Parkwest General Contractors for assistance with all your building renovation and update needs.  Contact us to get started today.

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