Staying safe while on the job is essential, yet for construction workers safety can be quite the issue. In order to prevent accidents and injuries, workers must follow construction safety tips. First note that prevention is the best medicine for work related injuries. Start by taking care and time when getting on and off of equipment, as this is one of the most common ways construction workers are injured on the job. Secondly, when loading and unloading equipment and inventory, follow all safety precautions to prevent accidents. Never work alone; have a spotter when operating heavy machinery and heavy loads.

In the case of an accident while on the job, a worker or his supervisor should report the incident immediately. This provides relevant record of the situation, which is vital for the employee to be able to receive adequate and prompt workers compensation if the case may be such that workers comp is appropriate. If you are in the Anaheim, CA area and interested in finding out more about construction safety, contact the professionals at Parkwest General Contractors. PGC works diligently to provide a safe and reliable construction environment, making it our priority to protect those who work for us and those around us.

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