communicating a hotel reopening

The ongoing health outbreak has affected the majority of the industries and hotel business is one of them. Due to the outbreak, most hotels were temporarily closed. Now, every hotelier is planning a grand reopening.

Here are 9 easy steps you can take to communicate about your hotel’s reopening:

1. Announcement

Announce your hotel’s reopening as early as you can. Make use of social media platforms, phone calls, emails, and more to announce your hotel reopening date.

2. Advertise

Use advertisements to communicate everything your hotel is preparing for the reopening. The information should be appropriately conveyed to show how you can keep your customers safe amid the pandemic.

3. Document

Document new “duty of care” processes dictated by the government and brands. Make sure these processes are documented and communicated to your customers.

4. Ensure Safety

Provide informative banners to inform guests to maintain social distance and other necessary practices.

5. Moderate the Seating Capacity

Check the guidelines laid by authorities and moderate the seating capacity in the banquet hall accordingly. Inform your guests about the restrictions to maintain safety.

6. Revise the Price Structure

Modify your pricing structure according to the concurring capacity and space. Efficiently utilize the area and offer as much space as possible.

7. Modify Menus

Since buffets are off the chart, you need to revise your menus to display the latest foods and beverages available.

8. Training

Train your staff as per every latest “duty of care” process. Each one of your employees must be versed with every standard to help the guests whenever needed.

9. Visualize the Celebration

Create a visual event for the reopening ceremony, even if a vast gathering isn’t possible. The point is to prepare an event and advertise it as much as possible.

Implement these simple steps for communicating your hotel’s opening. You may need to make some construction changes as well to adhere to the new rules. For all your construction needs, you can contact Nikki Fox,