In today’s world, we know that energy conservation is good for the Earth. Cost reduction is good for business and consumer pocketbooks. Guest comfort is paramount in the hospitality industry. Can you have all three? Energy Technologies Group, LLC says YES, and is proud to offer their patented S³E System™ to the hospitality industry to address all three areas. The system was designed as the industry’s first unique wireless Energy Saving technology which achieves all three goals. The unique value of the S³E System™ is based on the ability to offer one integrated, wireless product that provides significant energy usage reduction and cost savings while maintaining unparalleled guest comfort and control.  All pieces of the S³E System™ are manufactured in the USA, and are covered by a full 2 year warranty.

The largest used and wasted energy commodity is electricity. The world’s demand for this energy is rapidly outgrowing the ability to produce and supply it. This growth and demand has resulted in depleting natural resources and rising energy costs. A large portion of any hotel property’s operating expense is from room energy costs. Substantial energy savings and cost reduction can be realized by hotels utilizing the S³E System™. The initial investment, regardless of the financial structure, will be offset quickly by the cost savings realized once hotel room energy consumption is under the control of the S³E System™.  Room heat, air conditioning, lights, TV and coffee pot have the ability to be controlled when the guest is away. This provides for not only financial rewards but also increased energy conservation.

Power consumption is based on a room being occupied for the industry standard of ten (10) hours a day on the average. That allows fourteen (14) hours a day for the S³E System™ to do its job and save energy in measurable amounts. A hotel can expect between 40% and 60% in-room kWh savings for a typical occupied room, which could translate into bottom-line energy bill savings of up to 25% or more depending upon local kWh prices.  That 40-60% is the industry leader and not seen in any other system in the market!  Further, energy savings from the system may qualify hotels for Green Hotels Association Certification and membership and local utility and/or state energy rebates. The S³E System™ is also fully compatible with new IEC room circuits and is easy to install in both new construction and existing properties.

However, any cost savings means little if it compromises guest comfort. Other Energy Management Systems (EMS) which limits a guest’s ability to set climate controls to their liking while occupying the room provides for a negative experience. Further, when an EMS system simply shuts down the heating or air conditioning to save energy when guests leave the room often have guests returning to an uncomfortable environment, which again is undesirable. Hotels strive to offer the most comfortable experience to travelers, but also must work within budgets. The keycard based S³E System™ patented technology senses when the guest leaves the room and adjusts the climate to reduce energy usage while maintaining a reasonable temperature. The moment the guest returns to the room and inserts their key into the S³E reader at the door, everything automatically returns to previously set conditions and temperature recovery to guests preferred settings are quick. The change is barely noticeable and best of all, no hotel staff intervention is required to achieve this control.  While the room is occupied, the S³E System™ does not interfere with guest settings so they may rest comfortably and awake ready to face a new day.

Guests not only feel better about being good stewards of our environment, more and more actively seek hotels which operate under ‘green’ standards. Thus, being part of the Green Hotels Association can be of great benefit.

It’s a win-win (or green-green) scenario for all!

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