First impressions matter.  That’s one of those truths that everyone understands and accepts and, yet, it’s a concept that can be a bit difficult to define.  We all know, however, that some public spaces are spacious, welcoming and pleasant while other seems cold, institutional and stand-offish.

We at Parkwest General Contractors can help you find the right mix of comfort, function and "sizzle" to entice your guests to gather in the lobby.  We boast a long history in the niche market of hospitality construction, and we have assisted our many clients to complete varied projects on time and within budget.

Showcasing a lobby space to appeal to today’s travelers is an art form.  We excel at designing and building spaces to meet the varied demands of the public — for solitude, small group meetings, digital communications needs, television viewing, and simple relaxation.  Handling crowded situations is also a demanding concern, and our experience proves valuable in suggesting traffic patterns and channeling service areas.  Great lobby design provides more than walk-through space; it exudes personality, welcoming its visitors and creating a memorable first impression.

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