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Hospitality experts reveal some of the worst things guests have left in their rooms.

If you work in the hospitality business, you have probably walked into a guestroom at some point and left utterly disgusted.  But, have you wondered just how bad things can get?  According to industry professionals, here are some of the weirdest, grossest, and worst things hotel guests have left behind.

  • Guests Who Have Passed Away

There is nothing more startling and upsetting than walking into a guestroom and finding that a guest has passed away.  Unfortunately, this happens to hotel workers more often than you might think.  While some hotel workers have stories of walking straight into a crime scene, it’s more common for them to stumble across guests who have passed away from natural causes, such as a heart attack or stroke.  Regardless of the cause of death, this is always sad and traumatic for everyone involved.

  • Bodily Substances

Hotel housekeepers are the unsung heroes of the hospitality industry.  These brave souls have seen and cleaned up some of the most disgusting things the human body can produce.  To save you the graphic details, we won’t go into specifics, but feel free to use your imagination.  Remember, you should always tip housekeeping.

  • Animals

While some hotels do allow pets, other properties are not advertised as pet-friendly.  However, guests have been known to ignore pet restrictions during their stays.  Hotel workers at non-pet-friendly properties have walked in on almost every animal imaginable.  From the basic dogs and cats to the absurd alligators and bears, hotel staff members have truly seen it all.

These are some of the weirdest and worst things that hotel professionals have found in guestrooms.  Speaking of guestrooms, are you ready to give your hotel a bit of a facelift?  Then contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your building upgrade and construction needs today.

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