Hospitality Trends

The pandemic has changed the landscape of businesses and the way people interact. As these changes continue to shape the future of hospitality, there are various developing hospitality trends to look for in 2021 that all hoteliers should take note of. Your hotel management doesn’t need to jump on every trend, but it should be aware of strategies that are working. Here are 10 of the most significant hospitality trends to monitor in 2021.

1. Multi-use Lobbies

One of the most obvious hospitality trends for 2021 is hotels are focusing on the impact a good first impression can have on your guests. The result is a new type of dynamic hotel lobby that can be used for various purposes. Space should be available for both casual and formal meetings as well as areas for guests to work on their laptops. Some hotels have emphasized more captivating ambiance, such as indoor waterfalls.

2. More Creative Guestrooms

Hotel rooms are evolving beyond standard configurations of a bed, desk, lamp, and minimal wall decor. Rooms are moving toward unique, eclectic designs that may include an extra sofa or other surprises.

3. Bathroom Expansion

The idea of minimal space for bathrooms is giving way to a more open spa-like environment. More open space and bigger tubs, sinks, mirrors, and towels help foster a relaxing atmosphere. Bathrooms are also featuring more creative wall decor.

4. Indoor-Outdoor Integration

The pandemic is redefining and erasing the boundaries between indoors and outdoors in a way that challenges tradition. Outdoor decks and more open space rooms can connect with greenery to give a pleasant back-to-nature feel.

5. Greater Sustainability

Going green and putting more concern into efficiency and social responsibility all add up to greater sustainability. The pandemic has made society much more aware of many social issues. Business travelers particularly place a high value on economic efficiency and waste reduction.

6. Mixing in Local Art

Local artists are among the most hurt financially by the pandemic, which shut down galleries and museums. As one of the most local-minded hospitality trends, hotels are showcasing more local art than in the past. This can create a more unique experience and get press coverage for supporting the community.

7. Emphasis on Color and Texture

Hotels are reimagining how room designs affect guest perception. Busy visual patterns are not as relaxing as simple textures and color schemes. Look for more creative, minimalistic, and refreshing use of texture and color. Brighter colors are becoming more common to inspire a more upbeat feeling.

8. Increased Digitization

Another clear hospitality trend for 2021 is the increasing emphasis on facilitating guest needs through technology. Modernized hotels give guests more control over lighting, air conditioning, and opening window blinds through their smartphones.

9. More Care Put into Personalization

Personalization has already been a rapidly growing feature across many industries this century, thanks to email marketing software. The pandemic has forced travelers to be careful who they trust with their safety while on the road. Building personal relationships with guests is an even more important part of the business model. Offering personalized spaces helps the guest feel more at home.

Studying these industry trends can give your hotel new ideas for customized renovation. Contact Nikki Fox,, at Parkwest General Contractors to learn more about cutting hotel costs and maximizing guest satisfaction.