hotel revenue generating ideas

With hotel occupancy sharply dropping in 2020 due to COVID-19, many hoteliers have had to improvise new ways to make money and stay afloat. You don’t even have to dramatically repurpose your facility to implement most of the alternative hotel revenue-generating ideas. With a proper strategy, you can convert your existing hotel rooms, amenities, and facilities into spaces that guests can rent by the day or the hour and increase your income.

Here are hotel revenue creation tips you can implement to compensate for low room occupancy levels:

1. Private Dining Facilities

There are people who still want to eat out at a restaurant and go back home, and you can cater to their interests and increase your hotel revenue. For example, if you have dozens of empty rooms each day, try converting them into private dining rooms. Guests that want a restaurant experience can book these spaces by phone. They don’t even have to interact in person with the servers. Simply have your staff leave the meals on a tray inside the booked rooms.

2. Day-Use Telecommuting Offices

Telecommuting workers that don’t find their home work environment ideal enough are increasingly exploring alternatives like hotels. They’re looking for private, quiet, and secure places where they can virtually collaborate and communicate with their colleagues. To set up your hotel rooms for remote working, consider providing free Wi-Fi, which workers may need for videoconferencing and accessing their corporate IT networks. You may also include printing and fax machine services.

Also, be sure to sign up for day-use hotel booking software to increase the online visibility of your remote-working packages. Don’t forget to add incentives such as in-room coffee, gyms, or parking.

3. Distance-Learning Vacations

Distance learning or “schoolcation” packages are some of the most practical hotel revenue-generating ideas in the COVID-19 era. As many students are learning remotely, some parents are exploring ways to take their families out on holiday at a time of the year when it would normally be impractical. To vie for such a lucrative family business, consider providing remote-learning spaces and systems that address the interests of school-going kids and their vacationing parents.

Your schoolcation offerings could include items like conference rooms, private classrooms, and basic craft supplies such as crayons, glue etc

. You may also differentiate by including portable chargers that customers can borrow and tech support for computer or printer issues. As students attend their virtual classes during the day, their parents can be enjoying your hotel amenities, such as the swimming pool or unique cuisine.

4. Rent Empty Kitchens to Restaurateurs

Are your kitchens and banquet facilities empty? You can rent those spaces to restaurateurs for operation as income-generating ghost kitchens. In the COVID-19 world, delivery-only restaurants are a safer business model for everyone involved, including staff and customers.

Implementing these hotel revenue-generating ideas can help keep your business afloat before the hospitality industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic shocks. If you’d like to learn more about hotel redesign, reach out to Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at We can help you cost-effectively transform any of your empty hotel rooms into an income-generating facility.