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Learn about some of the green hotel practices that are having lasting impacts.

Recently, the Urban Land Institute in Washington, D.C. released a report on sustainability in the hospitality industry.  Specifically, the report looked at how hotels were implementing eco-friendly operating and construction practices.  The report showed that hotels who implemented sustainability practices saw immediate benefits, including improved bottom lines and reductions in energy and water costs.  Finally, the report also named four green trends that they expected to shape the future of the hospitality industry.

1) Modular Construction

Modular construction refers to the building of structures offsite and then delivering and installing them to the final site.  Hotels using modular construction will minimize waste, streamline construction efficiency, and standardize quality across property components.

2) Sustainable Renovations

The report also predicts that green renovations will play a major role in the hospitality industry.  Renovations will make use of sustainable materials, which will lower the property’s carbon footprint and improve the guest’s health by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins.

3) Smart Technology

Hotels will also introduce smart guest room technology to conserve energy and offer personalized service.  These new technologies would enable the guest to use apps to control everything from room temperature to lighting to television activity.

4) Focus on Wellness

Finally, hotels will continue to emphasize wellness by offering local organic foods, advanced air and water purification systems, in-room fitness amenities, and so on.  This focus on wellness will promote healthy guest behaviors and improve brand loyalty.

Ultimately, this study shows that sustainability in hospitality is not a short-term trend.  Hotel owners who establish green initiatives at their properties will see sizeable returns for years to come.  Are you interested in making your property greener?  If so, then contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your building upgrade needs today.

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