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Find out how much commitment these different engagement tactics require from your team.

The key to any successful hotel brand lies in its ability to keep guests engaged and interested in the company.  This is why many players in the industry employ a variety of engagement strategies.  But how much effort do the most popular guest engagement tactics require?  Here’s what you need to know.

  • Online Pre-Registration and Check-In

Mobile check-in is a convenient service that many guests appreciate.  It allows them to bypass the front desk and get into their rooms faster.  As an added bonus, this engagement tactic is one of the easiest for hotel staff.  Because guests complete the check-in process on their own, your staff will simply receive an alert detailing who has checked in, what their preferences are, and when they are scheduled to arrive.  Staff will simply need to be trained on the property’s check-in and pre-registration systems so they can assist guests if necessary.

  • Text Message Communications

Text messages are a great way to engage with guests while they are on your property. While some text systems automatically reply to messages and direct them towards the appropriate departments, you will still need to train your staff on how to respond to guest messages.  Additionally, as someone needs to be monitoring messages at all times, this tactic requires a moderate amount of effort.

  • Social Media

Interacting with guests over social media is a great way to generate interest in your property.  Additionally, using social media to promote your hotel is a smart way to appeal to a target audience and dispense information on special promotions.  However, engaging over social media requires constant monitoring of accounts and continuous creation of fresh content.  Because maintaining a social media presence is so time-consuming, many hotels outsource this task to third-party contractors.

These are some of the most common guest engagement strategies and how much effort they require from your staff.  Want to renovate your hotel property and looking for a general contractor to advise and help you?  If so, then contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at  Our experts are ready to assist you with all your building renovation and construction needs today.

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