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Don’t let a hurricane catch you by surprise.

With the recent uptick in hurricanes and tropical storms, it’s important that you anticipate these types of emergencies at your place of business.  By adequately preparing your building and staff for hurricane risks, you can prevent severe damages and injuries.  Here are some of the hurricane preparedness tips that you should employ at your workplace.

Develop an Emergency Response Plan

First, your business needs to have a comprehensive hurricane response plan that is updated annually.  This plan should cover policies and procedures for employee safety during a hurricane or storm event.  Your plan should also discuss continuity efforts to address damages, communications with relevant parties, and salvaging business relationships and contracts.  OSHA advises emergency response plans to include the following:

  • Conditions that activate the plan
  • Chain of command
  • Emergency roles and who fills them
  • Evacuation procedures such as routes and exits
  • Processes to account for personnel, customers, and visitors
  • Emergency equipment

Communicate with Others

Once you’ve established your hurricane response plan, you should speak to other businesses in your area to understand their plans.  You should also meet with the police, the fire department, hospitals, and utility companies regarding your plan.  This way, you can optimize efficiency and ensure that everyone gets the assistance they need in the event of a hurricane.

Train Your Staff

Your employees should run through your emergency response plan several times a year, so they are familiar with their roles the procedures that must follow.  When your staff is comfortable with the plan, they will be able to execute it if a real emergency hits.  The more they practice, the less likely they are to make critical mistakes during a hurricane.

These are some of the things you should do to prepare your business for a hurricane.  Has your building suffered hurricane damages?  If so, then it’s important to secure assistance with your repairs.  For assistance with all your building repair and needs, contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at today.

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