No matter the type of construction that is being completed, whether it is hospitality or commercial real estate construction, the results depend on the pre-planned details. While it may seem like an obvious thing, detailed plans are much more critical than simply having drawings. The plans that are created way before any actual construction begins can mean the difference between perfection and a building with flaws.

Now, detailed plans usually refer to the architectural drawings. Those drawings are based on the client’s needs and specifications, and those change a few times before a final version is complete. The more detailed those plans are, the easier it is for the client to visualize exactly how their project will ultimately look. This means including every single piece down to the minutest detail of even the closets.

For a Construction company these plans are their launching pad for pricing, schedule and construction. The more detailed and precise the plans are, including a finished schedule and specs, the easier it is for a General Contractor and their subs to give the best price and options. This same type of plan allows for a more consistent construction schedule. All these factors play a very important role for the client, i.e. budget caps, bank financing, revenue, Guest client exposure to build out etc…

Now the flip side would be the less detailed set of plans that leaves an open door for everyone’s interpretation of what it is that the Architect and Client really want; which means from one GC to the next, from one sub to the next, the proposals will vary. This also means the product built or renovated may not be to the Clients vision, this also affects, again, very important factors i.e. budget caps, bank financing, revenue, Guest client exposure to build out etc.  If every detail is not included and the client begins working, it could spell disaster for everyone.

For more on construction and the importance of detailed plans, contact Parkwest General Contractors.

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