Internet's Impact on Brick and Mortar Stores

How Your Physical Location Can Compete With The Internet

You know the feeling. You need to get a birthday gift for your friend, but you are in your loungewear at home and are enjoying a relaxing day. The internet offers you a solution. You brew yourself a mug of tea while your computer boots up, and find the gift online. You had to pay a few bucks for shipping, but you did not have to get dressed or brave the traffic.

This example is taking place all over the country, at every minute of the day. As a result, brick and mortar stores are seeing less and less foot traffic. Does that mean that the internet will eventually eliminate the need for brick and mortar stores to exist? Not necessarily, if retail owners can remember these guidelines.

  • Make It An Experience: People still shop for fun. If your store can deliver an experience that goes above and beyond expectations, your customers will make the trip to you time and time again. In fact, if you can really wow them they will likely bring their friends.
  • Work With The Internet: You store does not have to, and should not, be separate from the internet. Utilize your business location as a fulfillment center where people can pick up their orders or make their returns with a live person.
  • Implement Technology: Equip your salespeople with mobile devices so they can answer questions out on the floor, on the spot. Your customers will love being able to find out when you can get the item in their size or even pay for their items without having to wait in line at checkout.

Is your store making shopping the most enjoyable experience possible for your customer? If you are ready to take your retail location to the next level, contact the commercial construction experts at Parkwest General Contractors. We are here to ensure that your commercial real estate remains a standout that makes it worthwhile for people to skip the online shopping and head to your store. For all of your commercial construction needs, call us today.

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