Keeping Your Hotel Guests Safe During a Storm

Try out these suggestions to keep your guests safe during a storm.

During the winter months, many locations experience a greater risk for major storms. In an emergency storm situation, planning and preparation are essential to minimizing damage and protecting guests. Here are some of the steps that you should take to keep your guests safe during storm season.

Contact Guests Before Arrival

When a hurricane or major storm is brewing, you will get advance warning. Take this small cushion of time to contact guests with reservations and warn them about the storm. At this point, offer to rebook them or credit them for a future visit. Taking this precaution will show your guests that you are concerned for their safety while also reducing the number of guests you have to look after during the storm event.

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies

When a major storm hits, you will not have the opportunity to run out and grab food, water, or other essentials. This is why you need to stock up on these supplies ahead of time. You should stock enough food and water to last all your staff and guests three days. Additionally, you should also make sure to have flashlights, replacement batteries, and first aid supplies on hand as well. This way you and your guests can survive in relative comfort in the event that you must lock your property down.

Create an Evacuation Plan

In the event of a particularly damaging storm, you may be forced to evacuate your property. Work with the local authorities to coordinate your evacuation location beforehand. It’s important to remember that during a mandatory evacuation, the authorities will direct and control the situation. While you should always do your best to accommodate and serve your guests, you are ultimately beholden to the discretion of law enforcement. So, be prepared to relinquish some control.

These are some of the things that you can do to protect your guests during a major storm.  Want another way to keep your guests safe?  Make sure that your building is strong enough to withstand the elements.  If you need to make upgrades to your building, contact the experts at Parkwest General Contractors.  Our expert team is ready to assist you with all your building renovation and construction needs today.

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