latest bathroom trends

As hotels across the nation are in the process of assessing ways to recover from the pandemic shutdown, rethinking aesthetics such as color design is increasingly coming into play. The latest bathroom trends point to dark tones such as black coming back. Especially the color black, and why you should consider in for bathroom ambiance.

Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

When researching current bathroom trends, you’ll find black is a common theme partly because it goes well with lighter shades of any color. Its universal appeal opens the door for a wide array of design possibilities. Psychologically, too, black has multiple positive associations, such as power, strength, and tranquility. Think of staring at the stars at night and the sense of awe-inspired by the dark backdrop of the universe.

From an emotional perspective, black helps stimulate a sense of well-being. The hotel industry needs this quality to attract guests seeking maximum comfort. The bathroom is regarded by many people as a place for peace and privacy, as black can associate with a less busy environment. Black designs help overtaxed minds relax from the surrounding complex world.

Maximum darkness can have a pleasant effect, like the fantasy of escaping to your own secret haven. It’s important for designers to use textures artistically so that different black finishes and materials blend well together. Black can be used for various structures, fixtures, and fittings.

Emerging bathroom trends include deep dark tones for brassware and ceramic ware. You’ll notice more and more hotel rooms with black faucets and handles, which give the ambiance an association with innovative modern technology. Some of the different types of black finishes being used include Glossy, Crystal, and Matte black options.

Dark Tone Advantages

For bathroom designs, black has a commanding appearance that defines borders and spatial qualities. When used artistically, it also associates with mystery, sophistication, and elegance. If it’s used sparingly, it goes nicely with white walls as a secondary color, making it impressive for business hotels.

The versatility of black cannot be understated, and this is why it’s one of the most prevalent trends in bathroom tile for lodging facilities. Since people already see black everywhere, they go due to its broad utility and aesthetic appeal, and it’s very closely associated with the contemporary world. It’s also found in various common hotel bathroom materials such as marble and aluminum.

Black flooring goes well with a wide range of wall paint colors. If you use black tile with white walls and mirrors, along with wood paneling for the sink, you can create a captivating bathroom environment that can impress any type of business or vacation traveler. Minimalist black tile with silver mosaic design highlights can also bring a sense of warmth and pride to guests for making an elegant choice.

Exploring the latest bathroom trends is essential for hotels looking to renovate and attract new business. Black is simply the ultimate color for both business and pleasure. Contact Nikki Fox,, at Parkwest General Contractors to update your hotel bathrooms with this latest color trend.