Learn About the City of Long Beach’s New Seaside Way Pedestrian Bridge

Seaside Way Pedestrian Bridge named ENR’s Southern California Project of 2018.

When the city of Long Beach proposed an elevated sidewalk to connect the Long Beach Convention Center with the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, the plan was very simple. However, even with a modest budget of $12 million, the project’s lead design firm SPF:architects, quickly took the bridge to the next level.

Working alongside general contractor Powell Constructors, structural engineer Arup, and electrical specialist Elecnor-Belco Electric, SPF:architects channelled the look of a breaking wave in their design for the bridge. To bring their vision to life, the 600-foot-bridge required 76 custom welded steel ribs, and 1,200 yd3 of custom poured concrete. To further enhance the design, the finished bridge features a canopy made up of 3,500 color-changing LED lights, 100 downlights, and 70 floodlights. All the lights on the bridge’s canopy can be programmed and synced with music to create different effects.

The finished bridge mimics the look of a beachside boardwalk with its unique paving, seating, and landscaping design. To add a little bit of greenery to the space, there is also a park designed into the bridge.

While the initial purpose of the bridge was to connect the Convention and Performing Arts Centers, the Seaside Way Pedestrian Bridge has gone beyond this goal by creating additional space for the city to host events. According to Zoltan Pali, principal at SPF:architects, the evolution from a mere bridge to a “piece of cultural infrastructure” will benefit the city of Long Beach for years to come.

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