Marriott Brand Hotel Planned for Downtown Palm Springs

New Marriott Hotel In Downtown Palm Springs

A Marriott brand hotel is planned for Downtown Palm Springs in the near future. The new hotel recently gained approval to start developing, but only by a short margin. Since the project does not relate to the culture and climate of Palm Springs as much as typical structures do, a few changes needed to be made before approval was granted.

Questions of whether or not to approve this project surround the ideas that the building may not relate well to others in the area. Additionally, the landscape design was put into question, as it may not blend well with the intended street experience. As an L-shaped hotel development, this Marriott brand hotel is expected to be located on one of the interior blocks of the Museum Market Plaza development. The hotel will be alongside an outdoor public event space, bringing guests inside the hotel. Since Marriott is known for marketing their brand to millennial travelers and European tourists, this is a great way to guarantee a profitable move.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the hospitality industry as a whole, it is important to look at the bigger picture. That is why many experts in the area are reluctant to approve this project. This hotel would be the second massive building in the immediate area of Downtown Palm Springs, which extends worries of whether or not this massive structure is really necessary. However, the hotel project finally received approval, yet a very narrow one. Only time will tell how successful this development can be, despite concerns.

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