The year 2013 has been great for the American auto industry. Car sales for autos made in the United States by both domestic and foreign owned car manufacturers have soared. Headed for bankruptcy only a few years ago, the auto industry’s rebirth is nothing short of remarkable.

People who keep statistics on travel within the United States have reported that more Americans are traveling within the country than in recent years – most in their new USA made cars.

The renaissance in autos has boosted car travel. In many cities, finding hotels or motels to stay in is more difficult than just a year ago. From the Gulf Coast, to Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Washington, Carmel, Napa and loads more places in California lodgings are running at near record and often full capacity.

This is great news for Parkwest General Contractors, the Pacific Coast’s number one general contracting company for hospitality renovations and additions.

Parkwest has been completing major renovation for lodging and hospitality properties for years in areas such as southern California. We have earned our reputation for fine workmanship that is always on time and budget. This is why when companies such as Hilton, RIM Hospitality, Red Lion Inns, Red Roof Inns, and the greater Los Angeles Airport have renovation and addition construction projects the first company they call is Parkwest General Contractors.

Our unchallenged knowledge and ability in this specialty area of construction is why we are the premier hotel & motel renovations experts in the Western United States.

For your next important hospitality project, call Parkwest General Contractors. Our number at our Anaheim headquarters is 714.632.8001.

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