People will be seeing more construction trucks and contractors working on projects in the coming months as construction building starts to skyrocket.

Construction Spending Rises As Companies Buy Up Land

There is still a shortage of buildings despite the rising demands of buyers looking for available properties. Construction companies such as Parkwest General Contractors are trying to satisfy the demands by completing commercial and hospitality construction projects as quickly as possible. Across the nation, companies are buying up land to meet this increased demand as overall construction spending rose up to 1.2% in February. This is an annual rate of $885.1 billion.

Public construction spending rose 0.4 percent as more offices, factories and private commercial structures are being built. With this raise in commercial property spending, it could be the indicator that shows the economy is finally improving.

Parkwest General Contractors Can Build Your Construction Project

Finding qualified contractors to build your commercial or hospitality project has just become easier. Parkwest General Contractors has been recognized by the hospitality industry as the top contractor offering a full line of construction services. Contact us today at 714-632-8001 or check out our website.

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