IHG is improving their Crowne Plaza brand to cater to business clients. The world of the business traveler is a competitive one, and a hotel that can provide business travelers with comfortable stays, quality services and extra perks at the most reasonable price will be a success.

Crowne Plaza is testing new concepts in guest services. They are adding enhancements to make their hotels more competitive. They are featuring “Anywhere Check-In” with mobile devices so patrons are not forced to wait in lines in hotel lobbies. Crowne Plaza’s “Completely Connected” feature gives guests’ access to free Wi-Fi, secure printing, and access to power cords and charging stations.

Crowne Plaza is also adding perks to attract consumers who are trying stay healthy. Their “Energy Essentials” stations give guests healthy options for snacks, along with “Run Stations” that provide runners with safe running routes.  “Breakfast to Go” packages provide guests with quick, nutritious breakfast options that can be eaten anywhere.

Parkwest General Contractors can help you achieve these goals of greater customer services by minimizing the disruption to your hotel and business. We know that business must go on, even when hotels are making upgrades, and we have the experience needed to make these types of transitions as flawless as possible. If you need help in the Western US, please contact Ed LaCivita or Craig Sullivan at Parkwest General Contractors.

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