Hotels must adapt to rapid technological development to survive and expand their business. Technology offers a variety of opportunities, from operations to guest experience, and enables hotel owners to reach new standards. The introduction of tech-powered hybrid hotels may help you grow further.

Here’s how technology would shape the future of hospitality:

Latest Energy Management Systems

The latest energy management systems use sophisticated algorithms to continuously analyze local meteorological models and optimize real-time energy consumption throughout the year. It can reduce hotel energy costs by up to 20 percent.

Even with the latest lighting technology, hoteliers can better understand their energy needs, automate consumption, and adapt to real-time work changes. The new lighting systems also allow hotels to set preferred times and track overall lighting consumption throughout the year.

Proper Guest Services

Hotels can use facial-recognition software to make three-step authentication possible. Technology can be used to better serve your guests’ needs. Sensors can be used to automate guest interactions during their stay and reduce both friction points and labor costs.

The use of technology enables hotels to anticipate and adjust multiple guest services and provide each guest with perfect hospitality services, including on-screen menus, motion-controlled public space lighting, and housekeeping services.

Latest Parking Management

Hotels can now use sensors and personalized apps to help their guests book a parking space before they visit. This saves the cost of managing parking spaces manually and provides a smoother experience for your guests.

Latest Room Access System

Now, many hotels are offering access to guest rooms through personalized apps. This saves labor costs. Wi-Fi-enabled locking systems reduce non-essential human interaction.

Latest Hospitality Services

The latest attendance sensors help hotels to notify the guests of special offers. They can send notifications to the guests and let them know about hospitality services. This helps guests to choose from the options.

Easy Check-In and Check-Out Systems

With the option to register remotely via the apps, hotel owners can save high labor costs. The technology can also notify hotel staff when guests arrive, and hence, they would be able to give the guests an exceptional personal experience.

With the latest technology, guests would be able to check-in and check-out smoothly, allowing them to arrange transportation of their choice to their next destination, which further saves labor costs.

The latest tech-powered hybrid hotels reduce excess operating costs and improves customer experience. Are you looking to renovate your hotel? Contact Nikki Fox, Nikki@ParkwestGC.com, at Parkwest General Contractors. We are ready to help you with all your construction and renovation needs.

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