Hotel renovations are tricky business. You want to put your hotel on the fast path for hotel recovery but you’re not always sure about when the time is right, how much of an investment is wise for the needs of your hotel, and even who to turn to in order to get the help you need.

Hospitality construction is big business with no signs of slowing in the near future. Consumers expect bigger and better things from their vacation, business, wedding, conference, convention, and entertainment accommodations. Fortunately for hotels, the recent recession has slowed development and construction of new properties. However, that hasn’t diminished the demands of customers for existing hotels to step up their games.

However, hotel guests have a tendency to live their first impressions (good or bad) out loud and on the World Wide Web through various social media outlets and review sites. The pressure is on for hotels to provide an outstanding first and lasting impression — today more than ever.

Don’t leave your hotel recovery and renovations to chance. Contact the hospitality construction experts at Parkwest General Contractors can help you achieve these goals of greater customer services by minimizing the disruption to your hotel and business. We know that business must go on, even when hotels are making upgrades, and we have the experience needed to make these types of transitions as flawless as possible. If you need help in the Western US, please contact Ed LaCivita or Craig Sullivan at Parkwest General Contractors.

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