Redondo Beach Waterfront In-Store for a Makeover

The $300 million project would bring in new restaurants, retail, and a public market to the Southern California beach and pier.

There are plans for a massive redo of Redondo Beach’s groovy old-timey pier and waterfront. An environmental impact report, written and recorded over three years, was released last week by the city’s planning department. It details the 36-acre waterfront pier to be developed by CenterCal.

The area proposed for redevelopment includes the Redondo Beach Pier as well as the Seaside Lagoon. With the exception of Kincaid’s restaurant and a few public restrooms, the project would demolish all existing properties in the Seaside Lagoon, along with a giant parking lot that lies adjacent to the pier.

More than 500,000 square feet of new development would be constructed and replace old structures with retail, restaurants, boutique hotel, creative office space, public market, and a specialty movie theater.

A pedestrian drawbridge would connect the pier to the public market. That means that the Naja’s Place and Quality Seafood, local institutions, would have to be relocated.

The project is receiving mixed reviews from the residents. A longtime resident says, “The Grove is my worst nightmare . . . We had a vision of something wonderful and special and magical here, but we don’t see it in this plan.” Another shows optimism towards the project, saying “We need to regain pride in an area that used to be a bright and shining star and is now a crumbling, ugly kind of mess.”

Boosters of the project have released a rather sweet video that offers a very impressive virtual tour of the planned waterfront and pier that leaves many with a feeling of optimism. You can watch the video by clicking right here.

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