If you’re an agent trying to sell commercial real estate, you’re looking for every advantage you can find. Not only are you trying to sell a property in a difficult market, you’re trying to make a profit as well. One way you can turn over difficult properties is by being smart about energy consumption and energy management.

Many commercial properties were built with no concept of managing energy. The power bills were a secondary concern and no effort was made to find ways to minimize power usage. Today, especially with the concerns of environmental conservation, finding ways to enhance a property with positive features such as energy management features can turn a difficult property into a property that’s in demand.

As an example, eliminate a hot water heater with an instant-on hot water system. Not only does this lower power bills but it lowers water bills as well. Replace incandescent bulbs with modern fluorescent bulbs to reduce power usage. Another way to control energy costs is by installing a timer to minimize heating and cooling usage. When you show a commercial property to a potential buyer, having features like these to present will give you additional selling tools to turn over the property much easier.

If you’re in the Buena Park area, check out Parkwest General Contractors for more great ideas about how you can turn commercial properties into selling properties with upgrades and renovations that not only make sense but make profits.

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