If you are the type of person who always finds him or herself on the hunt for new building or remodeling opportunities, you are definitely going to want to factor recent construction delays in the San Diego area in as you strive to estimate the time required to complete your latest project. In recent weeks and months, both business owners and local residents have found themselves increasingly frustrated with the Southern California city permit process. The largest source of frustration? The San Diego construction backed up by permuting issues.

Driving the latest controversies related to city permits is the San Diego Planning Commission. This government organization is responsible for researching and then making recommendations related to specific community plans, including those focused on necessary renovations. Although environmental and health issues often addressed by the Planning Commission are certainly viewed as important, some residents feel that the entire process often is far too lengthy in nature.

One thing is for certain — there will be no quick resolution to the current problems faced by the Southern California city permit process. Whether you are in the market for refurbishing or renovation, you will definitely want to contact Parkwest General Contractors to learn more!

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