Suggestions to Help Hotels Prepare for AAA Inspections

Get ready for your next AAA inspection.

While AAA inspections often catch hoteliers by surprise, these unexpected visits should not throw you for a loop. Because there are no secrets when it comes to how AAA inspections are conducted, it’s actually possible to plan ahead for them. Here is some of the advice offered by seasoned experts who actually conduct these on-site evaluations.

1) Review the Guidelines

Hoteliers are advised to review the published AAA Approval Requirements and the Diamond Rating Guidelines for Lodgings to understand the differences between the two. Make sure that you are meeting the minimum AAA approval requirements to pass your inspection. You will not even have a shot at a Diamond Rating if you fail the inspection.

2) Know How to Interact with Your Inspector

Your staff should know how to respond when the AAA inspector arrives. They should be engaged and available, and they should join the inspector as they walk through your property. This will show your dedication to meeting the inspection requirements while also allowing you to view your property from a more outside perspective. This, in turn, will help you understand the weaknesses that your hotel will need to address.

3) Discuss Your Results

When an inspector arrives at your property, take the opportunity to discuss your previous evaluation results with them. For instance, review your last inspection report and check to make sure that any areas of concern were addressed. Point out these changes to your inspector to demonstrate the effort you put into improving your property.

These are some of the suggestions that you should try to prepare for your next AAA inspection.  Did you receive some negative feedback during your inspection and need to make some changes to your building?  If so, contact the experts at Parkwest General Contractors.  We are ready to assist you with all your renovation and construction needs today.

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