As trends change, so does the hospitality industry. Hotels undergo quite a few changes over a period of time. Why is this so important and why do hotels renovate? Hotels are in the business of making sure their guests are happy with their surroundings. As hotels become dated, they must make certain changes to keep up with newer hotels.

Do hotels stay open when they renovate? Most of the time, when a hotel renovates, it is a long process. When working on rooms, they usually close one wing or floor of the hotel at a time to accommodate patrons.

A hotel renovation is never done all at once unless they are completely gutting it. This can be bad and good. It’s bad if there’s a convention or other events and they only have a limited number of rooms, but it can be very lucrative if their upgrades are so significant that they are regarded as an exclusive hotel. Hotels must renovate to stay ahead of the game, as competition is fierce. Although costly in the beginning, the rewards could be plentiful. For more information on hospitality renovations, contact Parkwest General Contractors.

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