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The COVID- 19 crisis may have changed the hospitality industry forever. While the business may be down, hospitality innovation is already underway. Hygiene, business models, and hospitality tech are being reviewed and revamped around the world.

Here are some of the top trends redefining the hospitality industry:

Higher Standards of Hygiene

Across the world, there has been a physical and psychological shift towards higher expectations of hygiene. The hotel industry is making customers feel safe through communication and efficiently executed safety measures.

Hotels are already identifying key touchpoints in their properties that need to be continually sanitized. More hand sanitizer stations will be set up, and deep cleaning intervals will be reduced. This is the new normal, and if executed well, and with empathy, it can put guests at ease.

Social Distancing: The New Normal

The rules of engagement in public spaces like restaurants, pool areas, bars, and lobbies, will need to be rigorously redesigned to instill faith in guests.

Hotels are looking into upgrading their physical spaces to enable smaller groups of people to engage at a safe distance, without feeling alienated.

Embracing Technology

The hospitality industry across the globe will embrace technology. Online check-ins and check-outs, ordering food and beverages online, and introducing intuitive chatbots for room service can help minimize physical contact and reduce the risks.

Instead of displaying food, hotels will make the shift to designing more attractive online menus. Investment in hotel management software will be a game-changer.

Re-Imagining Business Models

Many hotels are already gearing up to rely less on traditional business models, such as banquets. Special offers are being extended to health care and sanitation workers to give back. Some hotels have turned parts of their properties into deeply sanitized health care units.

Hospitality innovation is now almost inevitable, and those who innovate early may emerge as the winners. For assistance with your hotel renovations, contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at Our dedicated team is ready to address all your upgrade needs.

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