Hotel ambiance

Sights, sounds, and scents are all crucial ingredients for creating powerful and memorable hotel experiences. However, beyond what your guests see or hear, incorporating unique, pleasant aromas in your ambiance design and management can make a world’s difference in their overall experience.

Here are some ideas to make your hotel atmosphere smell good all year.

  • Prevent Moisture

Most commercial spaces experience different types of water problems occasionally, and hotels are no exception. The most common of such issues is moisture, which can cause off-putting odors that ruin the guest experience. To control indoor humidity levels, hotel managers must adopt proactive measures such as:

    • Using only fully dried bed linen, from duvets and blankets to pillowcases and sheets.
    • Whenever appropriate, open doors and windows to let the moisture in the rooms escape.
    • After steam-cleaning your carpets or upholstery, use fans to dry these items.
  • Remove Mold

Effective moisture control should prevent mold build-up, but you should consider hiring a professional cleaner if you suspect a build-up. You can detect mold by taking a few deep breaths when you enter a hotel room or take a walk in the lobby. A professional will provide much-needed relief because they’ll bring superior restoration equipment and expertise. Some interior spaces you should target for regular mold cleaning include:

    • Elevator shafts
    • Garbage rooms
    • Basements
  • Maintain Your HVAC and Central Air Purification System

When hotel guests emphasize superior indoor comfort, they’re demanding more than just warm or cool air. They’re asking for fresh and clean air, which is why top hotels have invested in HVAC air purifiers. Such equipment requires regular maintenance to get rid of odor-causing air contaminants efficiently. Regularly changing your HVAC air filters and cleaning the system helps to keep your hotel’s guest rooms, wellness centers, and conference facilities smelling fresh at all times.      

  • Incorporate Signature Scents

Many hotels today use standalone scent systems or central HVAC scent diffusers to elevate the indoor experience. Such systems can disperse tiny particles of scented oils inside one or more rooms. By selecting and subtly applying signature aromas, you can turn specific spaces in your hotel into special havens that invoke deep emotions. In turn, your guests will subconsciously imprint on their minds a lasting connection between your facility and the fresh ambient experiences.

  • Don’t Overdo the Fragrance

Since people have different preferences, you don’t want to diffuse pungent scents into your hotel rooms. Some tips for moderate hotel aromatherapy include:

    • Don’t use strong aerosols, particularly in small spaces.
    • Select a different scent for the restrooms. Lavatories should smell different from other living areas around your hotel.
    • Choose neutral scents with universal appeals, such as sandalwood or cedar.
    • Avoid anything that may be too feminine or masculine, such as intense floral or sweet fruit aromas.

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