Property Improvement Plan

Owning a hotel means following your brand and maintaining the image they have in place. This means that occasionally you will have to undergo a PIP or Property Improvement Plan. For some, this may seem to be a pleasant change. For others, it can be a dreaded experience they really don’t want to deal with. The cost alone can be overwhelming, and the construction process can disrupt your hotel’s ability to function. Employing the right contractor will make things go smoothly so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

What Is a “PIP”?

A PIP or Property Improvement Plan is sent to hotels that fall under a franchise agreement. As long as the hotel bears the name of the brand, it is expected to maintain the image of that brand. A Property Improvement Plan is a way for the hotel brand to maintain uniformity across the board. A PIP ensures that every hotel under the franchise name follows a uniform look and structure.

Routine Maintenance Is a Must

The best way to minimize the effect of a PIP is to keep your hotel as clean and well-maintained as possible. When your hotel is well-maintained, it makes it easier for you to make the necessary changes that are needed to upgrade your hotel according to the Property Improvement Plan provided by your hotel’s franchise owners.

Proper Scheduling

When it comes to implementing the new improvement plan, you will want to schedule the work when your hotel is experiencing a slow time. Performing the work when business is slow means fewer disruptions and happier clients. Your contractor will be able to give you a detailed timeline so you can make any necessary adjustments to the day-to-day operations of the hotel while it is being worked on.

Follow the Brand or Be Yourself

During a PIP, you have two options. You can follow the brand PIP to the letter, or you can choose to add a few of your own personal touches that will set your hotel apart from the others. If you choose to include a few of your own ideas, you will need to have them approved by the franchise owner before implementing them.

Accessibility and Technology Enhanced

Whenever you choose to make upgrades to your hotel, the two main areas of concern often turn out to be accessibility and advanced technology. For example, people with certain disabilities may need ramps, handrails, and many other devices that will allow them to navigate easily through your facility. When it comes to technology, rooms need to be upgraded to handle WiFi demands as well as streaming over multiple devices. This also includes offering the necessary charging ports to support multiple devices.

When you receive a PIP from your hotel franchise, you need to hire a contractor who offers the services and skills that will make the process go much smoother. Our professionals at ParkWest General Contractors can do just that. Call and schedule your appointment as soon as possible so you can relax while we take care of the PIP and get your hotel moving forward again.