The newest trend in hotel management is toward so-called “Boutique Hotels”.  Dedicated to a fresh, immersive experience, this subset of the hospitality industry looks to envelope guests in something new, different, and real.  The Boutique Hotel is a style of hospitality which reaches out to patrons on an individual basis.  Through strategic use of interpersonal connection (both in person as well as via social media), the boutique hotel is able to individualize the guest experience.

In fact, “individuality” is a hallmark of the boutique hotel.  Since they tend to operate as independent ventures, the boutique hotel has the unique opportunity of choosing brands and products based solely on quality and suitability to the specific boutique rather than any predetermined brand loyalty.  Because of this, the boutique hotel is able to further customize guest experience on a level unavailable to conventional hospitality providers.

Parkwest General Contractors can help you achieve these goals of greater customer services by minimizing the disruption to your hotel and business. We know that business must go on, even when hotels are making upgrades, and we have the experience needed to make these types of transitions as flawless as possible. If you need help in the Western US, please contact Ed LaCivita or Craig Sullivan at Parkwest General Contractors.

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