Updating Your Operating Standards to Enhance Compliance

Learn how you can get your entire staff on board with your hotel’s operating standards.

Many hotels still rely on manual processes to monitor their staff’s adherence to operating standards. For instance, they rely on logbooks, manual sign-offs of inspections, to-do lists, and so on. While it is your staff’s job to get the work done regardless of the processes and protocols in place, the inefficiency of manual monitoring can compromise the quality of your operating standards. Luckily, leveraging the power of new technology can create new ways to manage staff compliance.

To ensure that your hotel is a safe, secure, and risk-free environment, you likely have detailed policies and requirements for what needs to be done around your property. However, even if you have clearly defined expectations, relying on manual or paper-based documentation measures prevents you from successfully coordinating, executing, and verifying the completion of such tasks. If your standards aren’t accurately monitored, then they can’t be measured.

The implementation of technology can help hoteliers monitor staff compliance. For instance, near-field communication (NFC) tags to mark locations or objects can be easily implemented and used to monitor things like serviced rooms, guest requests, and the like. Additionally, new communication innovations allow your staff to stay in constant contact with each other and update needed or completed tasks in real-time. Finally, relying on digital technologies to automate to-do lists, track the progress of daily responsibilities, send automatic alerts, run historical reports, and so on will keep processes organized and make it easier for your staff to ensure that they are in compliance.

By changing how you measure and manage operating standards, you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hotel’s processes and your staff’s performance. Looking for other ways to make your property function more efficiently? It might be time to make some physical upgrades. Turn to the experts at Parkwest General Contractors for assistance with all your building renovation and update needs. Contact us to get started today.

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