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Don’t commit these common fire code violations.

If you manage a hotel, then you are responsible for the safety of your guests, staff, and the condition of your property.  This is why the idea of a fire breaking out in your hotel is so terrifying.  Unfortunately, many hoteliers do not take steps to address fire risks.  In fact, many hotels actually commit fire code violations without even realizing it.  To ensure that you are not putting your property at risk for fire, make sure you avoid these common violations.

  • Violation: Painting Sprinkler Heads

Many hotels paint over fire system sprinkler heads in an attempt to disguise them.  However, these sprinkler heads do not operate properly if they are painted over or covered in any way.  This is because paint and other decorative coverings prevent the sprinklers from dispensing water and preventing fires from spreading.

  • Violation: Having the Wrong Fire Extinguishers On-Site

You may be surprised to learn that there are different options when it comes to fire extinguishers.  However, different hazards require different extinguishers, and using the wrong one can actually make a fire worse.  The type of extinguisher you need depends on the use and contents of a building.  So, make sure that you have the right extinguishers in the different sections of your hotel.

  • Violation: Failing to Test Alarm Systems

Smoke and fire alarm systems are powerful tools that can save lives by alerting staff and guests to fire hazards within a hotel.  Unfortunately, many hotels do not maintain their systems and fail to get regular inspections.  To ensure that your hotel is doing everything in its power to protect employees and guests, you should schedule alarm system inspections as outlined by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 72.

These are some of the common fire code violations that hotels commit.  Do you need to upgrade your hotel’s fire prevention system?  If so, then contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your building upgrade needs today.

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