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Design-build is a system of project delivery that’s used in construction projects. With design-build, the client contracts construction and design services from one entity known as a design- contractor or design-builder.

Design-Bid-Build (DBB) vs. Design-Build (DB)

Historically, the DBB building process is the traditional method, while DB is an exponentially growing trend in the construction industry. Usually, the DBB process entails hiring a separate contractor and designer. The designer completes the design, and then the client finds a contractor to do the construction work based on the design. Throughout the DBB process, the contractor and the design company don’t have any obligation to each other or a contractual relationship. Therefore, the owner bears the risks that come with design and construction. On the other hand, the DB process is characterized by a collaborative effort between contractors and designers. Besides, a single entity bears the design and construction risks.

Design-Build Firms Vs. Traditional General Contractors

When undertaking a construction project, the owner can opt for a design-build agency or a traditional general contractor. Typically, traditional general contractors only manage the construction component of the building process. They are given a design and then execute it by doing the physical work of the design. In contrast, a design-builder not only takes on the same duties and responsibilities as a traditional general contractor, but also manages the entire project, from planning and design to execution of the construction project.

Advantages of Design-Build

  • With design-build, the budget target is determined before construction work starts. This is because the project is designed by a builder who is aware of all the expected costs.
  • Because of the collaborative nature of DB, all the costs are discussed. If you want to include a costly feature, your builder can tell you the costs it will add to your project, and thus, you can make an informed decision on whether you want to include it.
  • You can save money. During the planning process, your contractor can tell you how much you’ll save if you don’t include a given feature or trade a particular feature for another one you deem more important.
  • No nasty surprises. With design-build, you can avoid nasty surprises during the execution of your project because you’re clear on what everything costs.
  • Design-build is effective in large and complex projects and smaller projects like kitchen and bathroom remodeling.
  • The collaborative nature of design-build encourages teamwork. Everyone involved in the projects provides their input and expertise. This helps them find solutions to problems that won’t have been resolved without teamwork.
  • A design-build process is much more streamlined and thus comes with benefits like the client having to deal with a single entity, faster project delivery, and reduced costs.
  • Contractors and designers collaborate to meet your performance needs and design requirements, resulting in improved quality.

How Parkwest General Contractors Can Help

The design-build delivery method is crucial for streamlining project delivery. At ParkWest General Contractors, we can expertly execute and complete your commercial construction or remodeling project within your budget and on time. Contact us today to get started.