When commercial real estate construction moves with the economy, it has multiple effects that include far more than just the hospitality construction vendor or commercial construction vendor involved. It affects labor, suppliers, and even indirect businesses in the region. For example, in Daytona Beach, Florida, the rebounding construction industry there is having a significant corollary impact, boosting of truck sales for automotive dealerships in the region.

Hospitality construction and commercial real estate renovations often have the same impacts, affecting dozens of other businesses and labor pools in the same area as the project. This sort of situation can become quickly political for the company paying for the project as local political leaders, businesses and local unions push for the work to be done in a certain way. Now, as the economy is improving and projects are coming online with new funding, it’s important to work with a general contractor that can pull together the right resources efficiently from an affected area.

Working with Parkwest General Contractors provides the appropriate management, discretion and efficiency needed to keep a commercial improvement or renovation project on budget, on time, and successful. So if you’re facing a project in the Southern California area with challenges but you need commercial renovation performed timely, consider working with Parkwest.

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