9 Ways to Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue During the Autumn and Winter Months

9 Ways to Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue During the Autumn and Winter Months

Dec 07, 2022


9 Ways to Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue During the Autumn and Winter Months

Hotels experience seasonal trends that favor spring and summer, while business slows in autumn and winter. Some hotels turn to hotel construction companies in California for remodeling during this time. After a few years of economic challenges, the hospitality industry must look for ways to improve revenue in its off-seasons.

If you are a hotel owner, here are some ways to boost your revenue during the autumn and winter months.

  1. Offer personalized packages

    Travelers who stay in hotels enjoy personalized experiences and remember unique amenities. That's why hotel construction companies in California stay busy in winter. They can help redesign hotels to create more attractive features and flexible settings for year-round guests. Ideally, guests should like your hotel so much, they're willing to visit it any time of year. Find out who your most loyal patrons are and begin developing special personalized packages for them based on their interests. Consider partnering with certain businesses that specialize in customized services for tourists.

  2. Customer relationship management software

    One of the best ways to streamline your hotel marketing efforts is to invest in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Such a platform allows you to organize your marketing list into detailed customer profiles. It tracks customer purchases and inquiries, helping you learn about specific customer needs. You'll be able to automate sending emails and newsletters directly to customers. It's a seamless way to stay in touch with your target market.

  3. Target different market segments

    Once you develop a marketing list, you can divide your market into segments based on various criteria such as demographics, customer loyalty, and travel interest level. You can then market to different segments to create the aura of a more personalized approach. Keep in mind that market segments may overlap and evolve in a matter of months.

  4. Reward early birds

    Allow loyal guests who book rooms early to receive something in return for helping establish the business in your slower months. Design special packages that provide extra space and extra amenities for those quick to book their rooms in autumn and winter. Let your patrons feel special by tapping into deals that inspire them to promote your hotel to friends.

  5. Polish your website's appearance

    Use your website to promote your hotel's appearance. However, if it needs renovation, wait until the new look is ready. Hotel guests, especially business travelers, want to stay in nice, safe places. Give them impressive imagery to capture their imaginations.

  6. Retarget abandoned bookings

    Many potential clients are lost in the booking process. Recent studies show the abandon rate for online hotel bookings is over 80 percent. That means there are plenty of people out there who want to stay in hotels, but they are hesitant about the information they've found in the booking process. Price is often the reason prospects abandon the booking or purchasing process.

    If you research your market, you can find out why people opt out of bookings. Then try to estimate how much business you're losing due to pricing. From there you can retarget prospects who opted out by sending offers that are more reflective of their expectations.

  7. Don’t neglect metasearch

    Metasearch engines help consumers make price comparisons between brands. These tools are useful for comparing room rates, amenities, locations, and other hotel information. Popular metasearch engines relevant to hoteliers include Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, and Trivago.

  8. Blog about it

    The more you blog about your hotel, the more web pages you'll have indexed in Google. The more web pages that show up in search results, the more opportunities for attracting leads to your hotel.

  9. Plan your hotel upgrade

    If you have the budget to modernize your hotel and make it look more appealing, plan for a construction project.

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