Building for Tomorrow: Lessons on Avoiding Hiring Mistakes in Design-Build Choices

Building for Tomorrow: Lessons on Avoiding Hiring Mistakes in Design-Build Choices

Nov 08, 2023

Parkwest General Contractors

Building for Tomorrow: Lessons on Avoiding Hiring Mistakes in Design-Build Choices

In the dynamic world of commercial construction, selecting the right design-build company can be a make-or-break decision for your project. The success of your venture hinges on a seamless collaboration between you and the chosen company. It is crucial to avoid common mistakes to ensure a smooth process and an exceptional outcome. Keep reading to learn about the common pitfalls to avoid when hiring a commercial design-build company to ensure your project is in capable hands.


  1. Selecting a Company for Commercial Design and Build
    The first and foremost decision is the selection of a commercial design-build company. While cost is undoubtedly a factor, it shouldn't be the sole determinant. Don't jump at the lowest price, as it may compromise the quality of work or lead to unexpected costs. Instead, focus on a company's reputation, experience, and track record. Look for a firm that aligns with your project's unique requirements and has a proven history of successful commercial builds.


  1. Don’t Skim Bids Hastily
    Once you've shortlisted potential companies, thoroughly review their bids. Make sure to skim through this crucial step. Take the time to understand the breakdown of costs, timelines, and the scope of work. A well-detailed bid provides transparency and helps you avoid unexpected expenses. Consider the long-term value offered by each proposal rather than just the immediate cost, ensuring your investment is justified.


  1. Don’t Forget to Check References
    A reputable commercial design-build company should have a portfolio of completed projects and a list of satisfied clients. Remember to check references. Contact past clients to gain insights into the company's work ethic, communication skills, and ability to meet deadlines. This step provides valuable firsthand information, giving you confidence in your decision and helping you gauge how well the company aligns with your expectations.


  1. Don’t Ignore Communication Styles Clashes
    Effective communication is paramount in any construction project. Pay attention to potential clashes in communication styles between your team and the design-build company. A disconnect in communication can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and costly errors. Choose a company that values open and transparent communication, ensuring a collaborative and productive working relationship.


  1. Don’t Waive the Pre-construction Services
    Some may be tempted to skip pre-construction services to save time and money. This critical phase sets the foundation for the entire project. Pre-construction services include feasibility studies, cost estimation, and site analysis. Skipping these steps can lead to costly changes and delays during construction. Invest in a thorough pre-construction phase to ensure a well-planned and efficient project timeline.


  1. Don’t Make Unnecessary Changes
    While flexibility is essential, making necessary changes during construction can be beneficial. It not only disrupts the workflow but can also incur additional costs. Clearly define your project requirements from the outset and stick to the plan. If changes are necessary, carefully evaluate their impact on the timeline and budget before proceeding.


Building Success: The Parkwest Promise in Commercial Construction Excellence

The success of your commercial construction project relies heavily on carefully selecting a design-build company and avoiding common pitfalls. Parkwest General Contractors stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence in the industry. With a commitment to quality, transparent communication, and a track record of successful projects, Parkwest is your trusted partner in turning your commercial vision into reality. Keep the success of your project high; choose wisely, and contact us today at Parkwest General Contractors.