4 Handy Tips for Creating a Luxurious Hotel Bedroom

4 Handy Tips for Creating a Luxurious Hotel Bedroom

Jul 08, 2021

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4 Handy Tips for Creating a Luxurious Hotel Bedroom

Your hotel's overnight guest experience largely depends on the nature of your hotel bedrooms. As such, you should invest in luxurious yet affordable designs to increase the value of your hotel. This is because most people traveling for business and leisure would probably want to check in a fancy hotel without necessarily paying top dollar. Keeping this in mind, here are handy design tips for creating a luxurious hotel bedroom.

  1. Decorate Walls Appropriately

    One of the first things your guests will likely notice when they step into your hotel bedrooms is the walls. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to this element. Some high-quality wallpaper or eco-friendly paint should be the starting point towards creating elegance in the room. Be sure to choose paint or wallpaper colors that give a relaxing feeling to anyone looking at the wall. For some extra glamour, you can add a few picture frames on the walls.

  2. Add Mirrors on the Sides

    While mirrors may seem like ordinary decoration items, they can make your hotel bedroom extra glam. Mirrors are more suitable for smaller hotel rooms, although they will work just fine even in larger ones. The trick here is to determine the perfect spot where your mirrors will have a greater impact on the room. Experts recommend placing mirrors on the wall above the nightstands and next to the headboard. Remember, uniquely shaped mirrors are a better choice for a luxurious bedroom. Also, go for mirrors that have well-designed frames for additional decoration.

  3. Add Some Cozy Furniture

    Other than just the bed, a luxurious bedroom should have some extra furniture, including, among others, nightstands, a couch, a chair, and a dressing table. For luxury purposes, ensure all your furniture elements are comfortable and designed elegantly. Choose colors that will complement other décor accessories in the hotel bedroom. You can also drape throw blankets on the couch and the end of the bed to give your guests maximum comfort. Above all, a nice fluffy rug covering the whole room will complement the furniture greatly.

  4. Light up the Hotel Bedroom

    Apart from being an amazing décor element, lighting also contributes a lot to elevate your mood, per the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). The color and brightness of your lighting matter a great deal to the glamour and comfort in a bedroom. For instance, red light helps increase melatonin levels that will improve the quality of sleep for your guests, according to a study published in the Journal for Athletic Training (JAT). That said, use lighting accessories such as candles, chandeliers, and luxurious bulbs to make the room look bright and spacious.

Use these design tips to add glam to your hotel bedrooms and improve your guest experience. Do you want to use these design tips from designers to create a luxurious environment in your hotel bedroom? Contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at Nikki@ParkwestGC.com. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your hotel renovation and upgrade needs today.