Hotel Distribution Strategy: Your Key to Getting Business All-Year Round!

Hotel Distribution Strategy: Your Key to Getting Business All-Year Round!

Jan 11, 2023


Hotel Distribution Strategy: Your Key to Getting Business All-Year Round!

The hospitality industry uses various strategies for selling rooms, even in off-seasons. One idea is partnering with hotel renovation companies that make lodging facilities look attractive for guests. Here's a look at what's called hotel distribution strategy and how it can help sell rooms.

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How does hotel distribution strategy work?

The concept of a hotel distribution strategy involves using multiple sales channels. This combination may include the hotel website, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), online travel agents (OTAs), and wholesalers. The strategy also involves digital marketing and brand development to attract a loyal base of travelers who further contribute to gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR).

What are hotel distribution channels?

Digital technology has empowered hotels to reach a global market of travelers who enjoy engaging with websites that help cut travel costs. According to a recent study by Expedia, travelers typically conduct about 40 searches before deciding on travel purchases. Since people travel for a variety of reasons, it's important to use direct and indirect sales channels to reach different market segments.

Be aware that half of all web traffic now originates from smartphones and tablets. That means your website should be mobile-friendly to maximize the potential for reaching your target market. Make sure your site is easy to navigate while providing a safe and seamless way to purchase bookings online. If your site's visitors have a difficult time with your website, it will make them hesitant to trust using it to book a room with their credit card.

There are many ways to market your hotel through digital channels including email, but don't forget about traditional channels as well. Print can still attract eyeballs to your brand, especially if you partner with another business. Another option is to work with a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), which may be a visitors bureau that promotes tourism in your region.

What is a hotel channel manager?

A hotel channel manager is a technology platform that brings a hotel's online distribution channels together in one central location. This electronic system facilitates online booking and automates tasks for accounting such as exchange rates during the booking process. It's useful for preventing overbooking and tracking guest feedback.

Building your distribution strategy

Each hotel property needs its own distribution strategy based on its available resources. Once you've mapped out your hotel distribution strategy, you can start planning for construction if it involves working with hotel renovation companies.

Make sure your business objectives are clearly defined and you know who your most loyal guests are. You should also know what your competitors are charging and offer rates that make sense for your target audience.

Five tips to supercharge your hotel distribution

  1. Focus on mobile users
  2. Give guests interesting web content to explore
  3. Know which metrics mean the most for your operation
  4. Invest in a channel manager
  5. Maintain a favorable online reputation

Make your hotel stand out

An adventurous hotel distribution strategy to consider is working with innovative hotel renovation companies to beautify your property. Giving your hotel a new appearance can attract new guests who spread positive reviews online and offline. Contact us at Parkwest General Contractors for more information on modernizing your hotel.